Change Your Prosperity Imprint

Book Introduction


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily,

while others seem to always be in financial struggle?

We all have a deeply ingrained psychological and emotional imprint that effects how we relate to  money. It’s strongly implanted and buried in our subconscious mind and it influences our Prosperity Destiny. It comes from our past programming of things we heard and modeled from when we were very young children or passed onto us from our lineage.

Everyone has a prosperity imprint.  This isn't good or bad but it can help you to understand why some people seem to have their path paved with gold and others struggle and seem to lack the secrets to financial success. Is it just luck of the draw? Are some people destined to be wealthy and others impoverished?  No. You had no control over this imprint. It came from your ancestry or responses to situations that happened in early childhood.

For example, I have a friend who has two grown children, seven years apart in age. My friend was a teenager when her youngest was born. She was irresponsible and poor. Her daughter constantly heard words like, "we can't afford this,"  and experienced her mom being stressed and worried about money. The father was absent. When her daughter was eight her second daughter was born. She ended up marrying the father who came from a rich family. He already owned a small business at age 30 and  by this time the mother was older and more settled. Their daughter grew up  with much different attitudes than her older sister.

The two girls are now adults, as you can guess the oldest one has low self-esteem, no direction and struggles with money. The youngest one has graduated from Harvard law school.

The two girls were born with different prosperity imprints. Is it the fault of her mother? Absolutely not. She did the best she could and she inherited her own imprint. The important point is that people can change their imprint if they choose.

How do you know if you want or need to change?  Take this short self-assessment to gain more understanding of your situation.

Prosperity Imprint Self-assessment

Check the box on this list below that best describes how it usually is for you around money in your life.

___I am very wealthy and have complete financial freedom.

___I am rich and have my money invested wisely.

___I am very well off and certainly feel abundant.

___I am comfortable and have an easy lifestyle.

___I am stretched but usually manage to get by.

___I am struggling financially and worry too much.

___I am feeling great lack of resources and am depressed.

___I am very poor and scraping by just barely.

___I am destitute and either homeless or close to it.

How do you feel about your answers?

Do you wish you could have checked a box that is higher on the list? 

Have you tried to move up the list but keep getting pushed back down?

If  you answered yes to any of these three questions you probably want to change your prosperity imprint. The good news is that it is possible to make this change. It will take a commitment to change your behaviors, attitudes and  focus. Are you ready and willing?

Your subconscious stores your beliefs.  Maybe you have said positive affirmations about prosperity every day, written them down and  then nothing changed. This is because your subconscious mind was still holding onto your past inner tapes that  included limiting thoughts.

Often people have two belief  'tapes' running at once: an outer tape and an inner tape. These two tapes might be struggling with each other.  Outwardly you might appear positive, happy and peaceful. However, your inner tape may have a track of worry and self- doubt. Which tape do you think is the most powerful?  Yes- the inner tape is way more powerful and can sabotage anything you are doing outwardly. The Prosperity Challenge will work on the inner levels to make a permanent change on your inner tape.


Why 21 days?

Many experts say it takes at least 21 days of a new behavior to successfully make a transformational change. Dr Maxwell Maltz, a Plastic Surgeon who  wrote the bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics,

noticed that it took 21 days for amputees to cease feeling phantom sensations in their amputated limb. He then further observed that it took 21 days to create any new habit.

Since then, the '21 Day Habit Idea' has become an accepted part of transformation programs and this book is based on that concept.

If you are in the habit of stressing about money or worrying that you won't have enough, then this is an opportunity to develop new ways of being that support a prosperity life-style and ultimately can change your imprint for good.

It takes 21 days to totally eliminate a bad habit and incorporate a positive habit as a new belief. But what’s 21 days when the result will be having everything you’ve ever wanted?

~Mark Victor Hansen, author Chicken Soup for the Soul Books.


The Prosperity Challenge

Are you ready to go forward and face the challenge of changing your prosperity imprint?  I know it is hard to change a habit that has been with you for your whole life. All of your attitudes and beliefs are wrapped up in  your habits so the change needs to occur on every level of your being. Some areas that need to change are not immediately visible but in fact your prosperity imprint effects the whole way you live your life, every decision you make and every response you have to every situation.  You have to be willing to shed your old skin, just like a snake does. The difference is that snakes have no choice, it just happens. You have a conscious choice which involves changes on every level. The Prosperity Challenge is 21 days all set out for you to follow. Are you ready?  If you answered yes then sign on the line below. Signing this statement is the beginning of the process and it will confirm  your commitment.

I am ready to Take The 21 Day Challenge. I am committed to do whatever it takes to change my prosperity imprint. Signature________________________________date _____


How to use this book

Print out all 21 pages. By holding the papers in your hands it adds the tactile sensations to your learning. You can easily keep the paper by your bed or carry it with you in your brief case. You can write notes on the pages. You can put them on your fridge or keep them inside your daily planner. If you keep them only on your computer it limits the possibilities.

Read one page each day for 21 days. Each day you will be asked to do a simple task for that day.  When you read your page in the morning  you will have all day to focus on this intention. If you read the page in the evening then you can breath it in before bed and put it into action the next day. I encourage you to read each page in the morning and again in the evening. This will double the power of each suggestion.

At the end of each page is an affirmation for that day.  For added benefit repeat this affirmation though out the day.

Old habits are sometimes very tenacious so you might "forget" to read your daily message.   The process works optimally if you keep up with the challenge each day, however if you accidentally do miss a day make sure get back on track right away. Reading it and following the suggestions each day is  what will make the process work.

As part of the Prosperity Challenge there will be an occasional tele-conference call and anyone who is taking the Challenge is welcome to come. I will send out an e-mail to let you know ahead of time.

I suggest you begin a diary of your 21 day experience. No need to run  out and get a special book.  It is ok to  use a yellow pad or plain white paper. Whatever works for you.

Write down a few notes about each of the 21 days experience.

What was your experience doing the  process for that day?   What did  you notice? At the end you can read over all of your notes and notice your progress.

Your success in this program ultimately begins and ends with you. This book provides you with the simple and effective tools. Your own attitudes will determine the end result.  If you believe you can transform and change, then this will determine the outcome.

How do you replace and transform your complete belief systems with a new prosperity imprint?  It is similar to anything else you want to accomplish; you begin at the beginning.

Now pick up your book and begin with day 1! You will be so glad you did.  And remember you get a free workbook as a bonus!



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