The Core of Your Business

Your own business is your best mentor and coach.

Listen to your business and you will get all the help

you need!

Strange idea? Your business is alive and full of great advice. Your business spirit is empowered, smart and sharp.


3 important factors for growing your business:

focus, connection and leveraging.

Your business has its own spirit or core that has been conceived by you and brought into existence by your efforts and vision. That was the  easy part. Allowing the business to grow and stay a healthy, vibrant entity requires listening to your business and being impeccable about what needs to be done.  Learning to recognize  and re-wire your non-ego and your downward spiral emotions  is essential in order to listen properly. Once you are listening you are able to run your business with business empowerment which includes focus, connection, and leveraging.  Taking charge and listening involves leaving your comfort zone and trying some new processes.


This is more than a book. It is a workbook!

Excerpts from the Book Intro;

A business has its own heart and soul. It breathes, has a heart beat, and a life force all of it's own.  Some people say that  the business calls forth it's own  creation and that the owner is just there to orchestrate it's conception and birth. ....

You might take a small business class, read all the books on business systems, build your web page, talk to experts, and then,  tada, the day comes to open  your doors and you quickly discover that some things you learned made sense  and other things need to be adjusted. If you pay attention to your new business, your baby, you will  be given all the cues you need to help it grow.  In order to really be in this role it involves being mindful, listening, learning and being intuitive.  Through proper nurturing the business will grow healthy, strong and prosper.

....  To me it is the missing link because it seems logical that if the business has a spirit it has a conception, a birth, and a life force. The life force  is either healthy and whole or it is unhealthy and struggling, or somewhere in between. If the life force is threatened then this is an indication of a  weak energy or spirit.  This can be caused by  many things including the owner’s unresolved issues, mis-aligned values, or  poor business practices. 


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