The most successful entrepreneurs get help!

Running your own company is hard work and can push you right to your edge. Our programs give you one-on-one support to help you focus and overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of taking your business forward. Overwhelm, stress and lack of focus are just a few of the challenges.

If you are like most small businesses you want:

• To grow your business.

• Accountability to stay on track.

• More clients.

• More cash flow.

• Help making decisions.

• Help getting past mental blocks.


 Can you accomplish all this all on your own? Not easy and virtually all successful entrepreneurs get help getting a clearer focus on what to do and how to do it.

You will progress much faster and develop a sharper focus when you have a mentor helping you to stay on track.

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Our programs are 100% individually tailored to meet your needs. I don't follow a program. It's all about you and your business.

We work on the parts of your business where you are stuck or the places you may be avoiding. Through this process you gain clarity and empowerment.

Kaya Singer really helped me lay a firm foundation upon which to grow my business. Before using her as my mentor, my vision and goals were very ethereal and concrete progress was hard to measure. Through Kaya, I uncovered a more focused aim for the work I wanted to do, the clients I wanted to serve, measurable goals by which to define my progress, and valuable connections in the business community to help me achieve those goals and grow my business at the same time. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to make their business dreams reality."

~Susan McCarthy Palmer, Director, OnWord Communications


I work with people who say, "Yes, I am ready to make this investment in my business and myself." Your are willing to do what it takes. You also know that this program will pay for itself 100 times over.

Each of the three programs include:

•  5 minute phone calls between sessions.

•  Unlimited quick e-mails.

•  Support during our time together.

Much of your progress happens between sessions so the check-ins are an important part of the process. It is not all about the sessions.

Side benefits- I tend to refer my clients. promote you on Facebook and any other way I can. I offer you excellent opportunities to promote yourself.

**The first step is to buy my book, "Clear Your Focus, Grow Your Business," as it will support our work together  and is the basis of the coaching programs.

Choose from the options below.

Business coaching services

*Success Program  * most popular, 6 full months of help!

15 sessions over 6 months.

$2395 with monthly payments to fit your cash flow, or

$2249 if paid in full before the first session.


*Entrepreneur Program

12 sessions over four months.

$1920 with monthly payments to fit your cash flow, or

$1789 if paid in full before the first session.


*Quick Start Program

8 sessions over three months.

$1280 with monthly payments to fit your cash flow, or

$1195 if paid in full before first session.

Program sessions are 50-70 minutes in length.

Held on the telephone or optional in person for people in Portland area.  $15 extra if I travel over 3 miles to your location.

My focus is to support you to do the work for your business, however if I do extra work like editing, preparing web copy or reports it is pro-rated as 45 minutes of work equals one session.


*Single sessions only

 $ 159 to deal with a specific short term issue.

Contact me.

*Group sessions

For a sales team, employees or other small business community. For education, collaboration, visioning, or goal setting. 2-4 people $200 hour  5-9 people $250 hour, 10-20 people $300 hour.

* Success Focus Groups

Group coaching for up to 12 people. All groups meet on the telephone and occasionally I do a local one in Portland.


Call me if:

1. You want to help more people and make more money.

2. You are willing to invest in your success.

3. You  know that this will pay for itself over and over.              

4. You need help with getting through your own mental blocks, 

    confusion or current limitations.

5. You are willing to do whatever it takes to improve your 



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