Market Yourself as a Specialist and Earn More Money!


Learn the 5 Steps for building a "specialist based" marketing plan.  90 minute Tele-class

Are you tired of struggling, wondering why people are not beating down your door to buy your wonderful services or products?

Maybe you have done heaps of networking and you feel you have put a lot of energy into your marketing but it still isn't bringing in the number of customers you need to have a prosperous business.

In this tele-class you will learn very specific steps to build a marketing plan based on marketing yourself as a specialist. You can take these tools and put them into practice immediately! It works.

You might think that by specializing you will be narrowing your market too small and other people won't hire you. This fear is normal, however it  is also  a gross thinking error. In fact the opposite is true. When you market yourself as a specialist your potential clients will actually assume:

1.  You are an expert in your field. People will always choose to work with an expert if they have the choice.

2.  You carry a greater authority in your profession. You are the one that people look to for answers in your area if expertise.

3.  You have more knowledge and learning and this can instill greater confidence in your customers who want to feel safe and assured.

Monday April 6   4:00 PDT

90 minute Telephone class   Only $27


• Full step-by-step process of what to do.

• Comprehensive handout with everything layed out.

• Free personal strategy call with me to help you focus.

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You have a way of accomplishing so much in so little time. You are so encouraging and you really ask the right questions to get people to think clearly about the future of their businesses.

~Lisa Hodanish,

Kaya, you are a great seminar facilitator. This was perfect.

~Mona Das www.


If you have more questions please feel free to contact me. I am happy to talk with you.