Overcoming Your Business Obstacles

When you own a business you are the leader, and your business depends on your energy being consistent, your vision being clear and your commitment unwavering. Self-doubt, burn-out and loss of will, are just a few emotional and mental obstacles that will keep your business from reaching its success.

Many small businesses struggle with money, stress, constant crises and deadlines. Everyone's story is different but the cause is the same, needing to learn how to effecitvely overcoming obstacles as they come up.

 The key is to know how to deal with obstacles as they arise. Entrepreneurs who are able to face issues with empowerment are leaders, and also become excellent managers.

When faced with a mental block there are three ways that most people will respond.


1. Avoid it because it is not fun. Walk away and go back to working where it is easy and not as challenging. This is the safe way, however it will not grow your business or yourself.

2. React to it and go into your downward spiral. This might include negative self-talk, anger and self-put downs. Your mind will give you all sorts of rationalizations of why it's ok to walk away. Your team will see it, your customers will sense it and you will feel hopeless.

3. Move past it. The only positive choice is to look for ways to get past the obstacle and get back on track. Recognize the issue, accept your reaction and then decide to find a solution. Put your focus on your goals and vision.


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