The term  "mastermind group"  was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900's. In his timeless classic, "Think And Grow Rich."

~The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony...


A mastermind group is a small group 5-7 people who are all committed to success in their  own business. The  words  'master mind'  conjures up the image of many minds coming together to accomplish what a single mind cannot. 

Transformation can happen when the group energy supports each person moving forward in their own goals and intentions. With the ease of  conference bridge lines it has opened up the possibility of people living anywhere and meeting on the telephone.

However it is much easier to create  the synergy and commitment when people live locally and can meet in person at least some of the time. There are certain qualities that make this kind of group different from talking to a friend or mentor.

Your friend is a support and cares about you but does not have the commitment to be with you through your business development and does not always get your whole picture. The nature of a friend is a mixture of support, social, family, recreation, and more.

Your mentor is an expert that you have asked for specific help and it is not usually a two-way experience. Your mentors have their own mentors and their own master mind groups. 

Mastermind members are professional peers and it is a two way relationship. Each person is committed to helping and supporting each other.

Each person’s participation is a total commitment.  It's all about giving feedback, helping to  brainstorm new ideas, and set up goals and  that keep each other focused and on track. You develop a community of advocates who are there to support each person to be the best they can be.

What can you gain from being part of a mastermind group?

    * New perspectives and view points.

    * Real progress in your business and personal life.

    * An instant and valuable support network

    * People who are on your team!


 What kind of commitment?

A mastermind group requires a strong commitment. It is not a group that you join and then come  to when you can. Each person commits to showing up every time unless they are on an airplane, ill, or unable for a really good reason. The commitment is partly what allows the group trust to form and the relationships to develop.

If it sounds like a big commitment you are right.  This is one aspect that makes it work. Part of the commitment also has to do with doing your own work. People learn from each other and inspire each other so if someone is slack and possibly shows up but is not invested, that doesn't work either. It requires committed, invested people who want to make use of the group mind.


What kind of people?

You want to find people to join you who can see more in you than you see in yourself. People who are positive, success oriented, and supportive of you. As a rule of thumb it is good to find people who have different strengths than yours. This variety can make the group rich and diverse with ideas. Here is one model  that you can use.

Everyone has qualities and skills developed in every area, but one aspect will be  your strong suit and another your least developed. It is good to know who you are and attempt to find people to fill the other categories. There are four types of people. You will have a strongest and second strongest and one that is clearly your weakest.  Know which type you are and use it to your advantage.  Fill your group with the other three types. If you are not sure what type you are read the descriptions below and  trust your gut feeling. It will most likely be correct.



Creators are the visionaries and are great with ideas, visions, revelations. They can see a myriad of possibilities all the time. Their creative mind doesn't worry about the practical.


Advancers are the initiators. and they get things going. It is often this person who will start groups. They are great at calling people together. They are people oriented and are able to easily bring people together for a common purpose. Advancers are  great at taking the visionary ideas and initiating the next step.


Refiners will take care of  details and they are often the accountants and lawyers and will seem more analytical. They make sure the details are covered before moving forward. The make sure systems are in place.


Executors are the movers and shakers of the world.  Nothing is too big for them. They are skilled at planning on a large scale and know how to get it off the drawing board and happening.


Most importantly, find people who you admire, trust,  and feel you can grow and share with.  In general it is important to not have people with the same kind of business in the same group.  Even with the best intentions, people can begin to feel competitive. It is better to have  a group  of very different businesses.

In my group we met every other week for two hours. Every six months we met for a whole day and we each shared our six month and three month goals.  In our regular meeting we each focused on our goals and asked for specific help where we needed it. If someone needed extra help and more time, we endeavored to accommodate, as usually when that happened there was someone who needed less time that week.

Other groups meet once per month in person and then once on the phone.

You can also meet once per month but for a longer time. Two hours a month is too  short.

Although our focus was professional  we did share personal issues that impacted our professional life.

I have been in two mastermind groups and they were both very profound and helped me to move forward in my goals and professional development.

The biggest challenge is getting the group going. It requires the commitment to stay with it while the group cohesiveness is developing.  That takes time and willingness to deal with irritations or frustrations and know that by facing them the group strength will grow.

No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.~


Are you ready to get your group going?  I can help!