Change Your Prosperity Imprint in 21 Days

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich

easily, while others seem to struggle?

Are they smarter, luckier or know the right people?  No! 

None of those things are the real reason!

Everyone has a personal prosperity imprint!

All  people have a deeply ingrained psychological and emotional IMPRINT that

determines their relationship to  MONEY. It’s implanted and buried in the subconscious mind and it influences their PROSPERITY DESTINY.

Sometimes your imprint comes from your past programming of what you heard or interpreted when you were a very young child.

Two children can respond to the same experience with totally different reactions.

For example, a parent who is stressed about money might say, "We can't afford it."

One child might think, "I never get to have anything." His sibling might  think,

"When I grow up I am  going to make lots of money."

Donald Trump, for example, is a multibillionaire. His father said,

"Everything Donald touched turned to gold." Trump's brother, however, whom

he grew up with, was never interested in the family business and died of alcoholism at a young age.

Do you want to change your blueprint so everything you touch turns to gold?

Here is the good news!


We hear a lot about "destiny," and how life situations are pre-determined at birth, or even before, maybe from your ancestry. You don't have to stay stuck with the imprint you adopted in childhood.

It is not your destiny to be poor! You have free will to change anything in your life!




Maybe you have:

•  Attended wealth seminars.

•  Attempted to learn about investing, but lost money.

•  Started a business, but struggled.

•  Tried real estate but just couldn't get it right.

•  Got involved with a "get rich quick" opportunity and spent more than you 


But none of these things will bring you the prosperity you so deeply desire

unless you change your IMPRINT at the deepest levels.

Some people have a strong prosperity imprint already because of the

way they interpreted life situations in their early childhood, but you also want the financial freedom that comes from prosperity. You want to be able to use all the tools you have

learned from the wealth seminars and really make them work!

Most people want to live without financial stress and have the 6 Great Life Freedoms.

1. Money Freedom - The ability to work because you want to, not because you have to.

2. Time Freedom - The ability to take time off for a holiday while your

income expands, increases, and multiplies while you are on the beach.

3. Relationship Freedom - The ability to explore your love connections

fully without time or resource restraints.

4. Spiritual Freedom- The ability to follow where your spirit leads you.

5. Physical Freedom- The ability to pay for the best health and wellness treatments.

6. Ultimate Freedom- The ability to pursue your creative genius.

Experts say that it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a change at the

deepest levels.  Are you ready to adapt a new prosperity imprint?

When you do this you will be doing it for yourself, your children and their children. 

It is EASY!  All you have to do is follow the steps in this amazing little

book for 21 days. It could not be simpler.  It is all laid out for you one day at a time.

You can download it immediately and begin the process today. You don't need to struggle another day.

How does it work?

This powerful workbook lays out the prosperity imprint formula in 21 simple and highly effective steps. Each section has clear directives on what to do on a given day. They can be understood by anyone as long as there is a commitment to change.

There is only one task for each day, but each is profound and will contribute to

change at a deep subconscious level. The order of the days and tasks is part of what makes this formula work.


Here is a short snippet from the book.

Day Ten


Your mind has the power to move mountains and the ability to create whatever it can imagine.

Training your mind to focus on what you want is a skill that allows you to create and draw toward you, what you want.

We often let our minds become attached to myriad fears or scenarios that are not what we want. Your mind is not trained to stay focused so you must train it to stay where you want it to be. When you keep your focus on what you want, all kinds of events, people and situations will rearrange themselves around your intent.

Begin this day with one focus. One short thought that feels prosperous, positive, powerful and in the present; something you want to keep your focus on.

Stand up and say this thought aloud three times. Spend the whole day with that one thought.

Write it on a card and put it in your pocket.  Put it on your desk, on your car dashboard and say it out loud in the shower. Share this thought with at least three people. Send it in an e-mail to your group.

Let it be the last thing you say before you go to sleep and the first thing when you wake up. Notice what happens.

Can you really adapt a new prosperity imprint?

Is it really possible to change your prosperity imprint at the core level?

Is the change permanent?

The answer is YES, YES and YES!

Making a change at the deepest level requires a commitment and clear step-by-step directions.

It is a gradual process. Just like the butterfly cannot go back to being a caterpillar, once you make the metamorphosis and adapt your new imprint there is no going back.

Are you ready for this permanent life change and transformation?

Here is what people are saying about this program!

The Prosperity Challenge made three key changes

in my business and my overall prosperity.

I now think differently about obtaining prosperity.

I feel I have more control to achieving it and reducing

the barriers that I internally set up.  I’ve instilled giving gratitude into my everyday routine. Being kind to myself – I now look at what I have accomplished rather than what I haven’t.

This program really works!  Charlene Andersen, entrepreneur


This has been a powerful program!

I'm actually reaching my goals.  Things are really. happening.  It's not all dreams anymore.  It's ACTION.

~ Kim Martin,   Vancouver

Click on the book cover to read the first chapter/introduction!

Once you follow the secret formula in this book you'll notice:

•  Your attitudes shift.

•  Your choices expand.

•  Your awareness transforms.

•  Your relationships improve.

•  Yours fears disappear.

•  Your anxiety drops away.

•  Your relationship to money change.

•  Your financial opportunities increase.

•  Your decisions expand.

Buy now and begin the process today.

It is easy, powerful and you will notice results immediately!

The key is yours!  You only have to pick it up, take ownership and say, "Yes, I am ready!" Unlock the secrets to changing your prosperity imprint forever!

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