Your Business Core or Heart Center

Like a tree, your business began from a seed; an idea and an intention.From a strong core it will grow multiple branches that will provide sustenance for you and your family and make a difference in the world.

 Same with a small business. The life force needs to be supported so it will grow healthy. It's  all about focusing your attention clearly on your business, listening and hearing what it needs and how it needs to move forward.

Some business begin with a strong base but then the growth seems to slow down. The first five years are the hardest time.There are so many decsions and each one can cost your business considerable dollars if you need to back up and start over.

Learning how to listen to your business is essential. Business slowing down can mean less cash flow and more anxiety and sleepless nights.  It's very hard to listen, hear and trust if you are worried. Dealing with obstacles can cause mental blocks and get in the way of listening.

Here are a few points to remember that can help you to keep the core and heart center of your business strong.

1. Get in touch with your emotionally compelling reason for doing your business. Go back and read your mission statement.

2. Begin mentor coaching as this will help you to re-strengthen and realign yourself so you can focus and find the direction you need to go. 

3. Join a mastermind group. You will have a team of people on  your side.

4. Change your language.  Eliminate words like, should, can't, need, try, and but. Attitude is everything.

5. Spend time with inspired, positive people. Isolation is the worse thing when you are struggling.

6. Say no to procrastination. Whatever needs to be done, do it now. Later never happens and then you end up feeling worse.

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